Weather looking great, fall color at it's peak, nobody wants to go except Loco Dawg but he burned his last vacation day partying with women (shame). I like traveling alone so zip on the tank bag (it stays packed) and I'm outta here Friday, AM.

Hit Talahina about noon and stop at my favorite Italian restaurant. Long story but the food is all home made including the bread all on site. Stuffed I head up the trail Awesome fall color I have to stop for some pictures (something I rarely do) It is hard to keep your eye on the road. Gas up in Mena and head over to Magazine Mountain more of the same, did I mention that "Kermit" was run-in great! Pull in to Ozark and meet up with 3 riders that happen to be from Dallas, We head off to have some beer and BBQ. Another great restaurant with many pork ribs.

They ask if they can tag along. I leave at 8 AM. We leave at 8:30 waiting on nature calls etc.
Talked about riding your pace watch for leaves and wet corners on the pig trail. Everything is fine but one guy has me worried the one who said he had been ridin dirt bikes for 20 years. He's a little wound up, passes me up while I'm slowing down to turn on 74. The rest of us turn stop and wait.

Everyone gives him a hard time. Off we go, did I mention how I like to ride alone. Another stop in Kingston people have to pee and the old Nighthawk 500 needs gas, While waiting "Testosterone" on the borrowed Shadow is kinda off by himself so I go to see if everything is OK. He offers me some weed, no thanks I'm fine! Warning lights!

OK Duncan help me out here does this stuff make you a safer more alert rider. Did I mention I'm behind schedule to make Push Mountain. Some more talk about being careful and how crashing sure can ruin a trip. Were off, everyone's taking turns leading I'm just hangin. "Tall" the 500 rider actually stops at a turn off, I head off in the right
direction towards Jasper. The road starts gettin a little twisty and wet in the corners so I slow down. "Testosterone" on the Shadow sees his chance and makes his move, I let him go, the rest follow behind me. We arrive at the intersection in Jasper and Mr. "T" is not to be found. Is he lost again?

Maybe he turned off on 327 (nice road to nowhere) Wait wait, I mention he might have had an off road experience, His buddies think we would have seen him, I'm not so optimistic? Sirens and an ambulance heads off up 74. Well,
you know the rest, Shadows seen better days and Mr. "T" slight concussion, shoulder injury, not so free ride to the medical center in Harrison. Two
more hours we part company. Not gonna make Push Mountain so I opt for 123 the one where the mountain is falling away (Duncan likes that part} and then the road less traveled back to Ozark. Sunday another beautiful day, some riders
checkin out Kermit, me never been here, don't know the roads, nice day, later, I'm outta here bye!

Alone again, hows that song go. Back on 80
headed towards Waldren that old JD song country roads pops into my head so I start singing in my helmet, can't remember all the words so I fake the rest besides who can here me West Virginia Mountain mamaaaaa! Did I mention the fall color was sumpin-to-behold!

by David Viosca